Martin Stanley is Co-Founder and Director of UC Data Limited which is a further example of his innovative approach to making mature systems efficient through the use of new technology.

UC Data Limited has developed a state of the art video capture system which allows for visual inspection of overhead line fittings without the need to climb or de-energise the system.

The UC Data “Survey Lance” uses the latest in wireless technology to capture high quality Video and stills images capable of detecting potentially serious defects in overhead line conductors and fittings,

in addition to identifying decay or damage to wood poles, without the need to leave the ground, or to de-energise the line.

The specially designed camera system is contained within a section of Insulated Rod, designed to fit to the top section of insulated rods already in common use on the network, allowing live line work without the risk of electrocution.

The “Survey Lance” is easy to deploy by one or two personnel. From arrival on site to capturing high quality video and still images can take as little as two minutes. Additional stability in high winds is provided by means of two brackets (again made from insulated material) which can be positioned at any point in order to hook easily around the pole itself.

The Survey Lance can eliminate the need for working at height by being able to conduct inspections of poles and live equipment from the ground and where climbing is necessary to carry out maintenance the Survey Lance provides a quick and easy means of assessing the hazard/condition of the pole before climbing and eliminates the need the need to de-energise the network while conducting surveys in the danger zone.

Key Benefits:

• Reduced Cost of asset inspections

• Reduced Risk when carrying out inspections

• Enables risk assessment before climbing/working on pole

• Increased gathering of useful analytical data

• Non-intrusive

• Non-destructive

• Cost-efficient

• Time-efficient.

• Reliable

• Safe