Utility Vegetation - Risk Mitigation (RIMIT)

Point4's - RIMIT - is a vegetation management process using LiDAR, Geospatial and Satellite technology enabling the utility and service sectors to design efficient strategies to eliminate power outages; reduce regulatory compliance costs and create environmental and business efficiencies.

Once the LiDAR or Earth Observation data has been processed it is ingested into our system, which then produces the risk management rating for the assets that aid your operation decision support processes. e.g. downstream activities for vegetation managment such as cutting and pruning.

RIMIT's arboreal algorithms then allow for growth modelling, supported by secondary data sets and other modelling capabilities such as as meteorological forecasting to provide an accurate risk value to allow our customer's to proactively plan their maintenance and management activities and thereby significantly reduce operational overheads and costs.

Point4 offs RIMIT as a Cloud service or as a "Black Box" solution dependent on your own operational requirements.

How the system works