Pole Support Systems Ltd.

PSS is a connected and complementary business, bringing efficiencies to the service and utility sectors and has contracted with Babcock International PLC to offer this patented solution to the power distribution sector in the UK and across Europe. The PSS system was invented by Martin Stanley the founder of Point 4. 

The UK has approximately 5.3 million wood utility poles, of which a large percentage are ageing beyond their life expectancy. Ground decay is a serious problem in poles which are over 40 years old, which means a significant pole replacement programme is necessary. Replacement of a single pole is costly and time consuming, as well as causing power outages which adversely affect customers and Distribution Company’s performance against their customer minutes lost targets.

The Pole Support System (PSS) was innovated to strengthen ageing and decayed poles, reducing the risk of pole failure as well as the replacement rate. The system has been developed so that it can be installed without power interruptions.

The industry is currently replacing approximately 159,000 poles in the UK (3% of the total). However, industry also state that to be compliant they must replace 10% per annum. Further to this independent reports show that up to 25% of utility poles on the network are unsafe and need to be replaced.

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