Point 4's mission is to reduce unplanned power outages by 80% to benefit key community services and save service and utility companies significant costs in all areas of vegetation management.

Our social impact benefits have been independently validated through our membership of The Social Stock Exchange.

We use LiDAR and Geospatial collected data and make it both useful and efficient by predicting vegetation growth going forward. 

The process of predicting growth brings about beneficial savings:

  • CML Reductions:
      • 3 years: 50%
      • 8 years: 80%
  • Aerial data collection: 60%
  • Tree trimming costs: 30%
  • Surveying costs: 70%
  • Auditing: 5%
  • Back Office: 10%
  • Green House Gas Emissions: 370 tonnes per 100,000km