Cost Savings

Ofgem estimates that tree management costs will be almost £1billion for the current regulatory period (2015-2023). On a Europe wide basis, the total costs from vegetation interference are estimated at €36 billion.

Predictive and efficient

Our solution enables infrastructure operators to predict those areas of their network that are at most risk from vegetation and streamlines the process of removing this before unplanned outages occur. It aims to reduce the occurrence of planned and unplanned outages by approximately 50%.

Reduced Regulatory Costs

In addition to reducing the cost of managing tree growth, the level of regulatory fines and penalties for customer minutes lost (CMLs) of service provision due to vegetation interference can be significantly reduced. Point4 can deliver significant cost savings through greater operational efficiency, increased compliance and reduction in regulatory fees. 

Tangible Benefits

  • CML Reductions:
      • 3 years: 50%
      • 8 years: 80%
  • Aerial data collection: 60%
  • Tree trimming costs: 30%
  • Surveying costs: 70%
  • Auditing: 5%
  • Back Office: 10%
  • Green House Gas Emissions: 370 tonnes per 100,000km

View the video to get an overview of what we do and how we reduce risk and save money.