About Us

Founded in 2013 by, Martin Stanley, Point4 offers a set of solutions for managing risk and maintaining services for critical infrastructure, these include:

  • a patented growth modelling application that can be applied to across section of sectors such as power transmission and distributors; water; rail; telecommunications and insurance
  • Pole Support System that strengthens ageing and decayed poles reducing risk of pole failure as well as the replacement rate. The system has been developed so that it can be installed without service interruption

Point4 is an experienced, specialist service provider that has developed a patented solution set from working in the field, contracting with the distribution network and understanding the key data required to manage trees effectively, cost efficiently, compliantly and safely. From here we have built a unique service offering that can be tailored to our customer's needs.

Headquartered in Leicestershire, UK, Point4 has customers across Europe and is currently developing plans for expansion into the USA.

Our partners include some of the most innovative product and technology organisations globally operating across sectors, as well as some of the most deeply experienced organaisations in critical infrastructure services supply and maintenance. These partnerships make Point4 uniquely positioned to assist our customers in managing their risk due to vegetation and optimising service availability and cost efficeincies.

Point4 has Achilles accrediation. Achilles UVDB provides a fair, open and transparent means of supplier selection for potential tender opportunities. Achilles UVDB helps utility companies manage risk within their supply chain and comply with EU Procurement Legislation.